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My sister sent me this and at first I thought “No fucking way did Miley Cyrus try to cover Parton’s Jolene”.

30 seconds in and it quickly changed to “holy fucking shit”

Miley Cyrus - Jolene

this kills me. because why doesn’t she put out shit like this? it actually shows off her voice and talent. i’d buy this.

oh lord I have goosebumps

She has a good voice for this style of music. I really liked this.

I love how everyone in the band is just groovin’.

i reblog this every single time. such a good cover of one of my favorite songs.

im SO SURPRISED by this wowwwwwwww

Oh god yes. My baby

Damn I actually really liked it right on

This has been the only time I actually enjoyed listening to her voice. 


She’s too fucking good.

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all i have is low self esteem and good taste in music

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oitnb season 3 requirements

  • for poussey to never be sad ever.

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ive been annoyed ever since i was born

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You are beautifully and wonderfully made. (x)

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Texts I regret sending you. (via jessielou24)

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(July 1st. 11:07pm)

"I love you. I’m sorry about what happened, I want you back."

(July 1st. 4:02am)

"Please talk to me I miss you so god damn much it feels like my heart is going to explode. Jesus why are you so addicting?"

(July 2nd. 3:07am)

"Baby, baby I love you. Fuck, this alcohol tastes like you and my pillow smells just like you and please come home."

(July 2nd. 4:08am)

"I love you so fucking much why did you break my heart into something ugly when our love was so beautiful."

(July 3rd. 6:55am)

"I miss everything about you. Is it normal to feel like a part of me is missing without you here?"

(July 4th. 10:09pm)

"Fireworks are going off and people are cheering and fuck how can they be so happy when the world is falling apart?"

(July 5th 4:02am)

"This was my favorite time of the day with you, when I got to kiss your sleepy lips and hear about all the things you were too afraid to say when the sun was awake. Fuck I miss you so fucking much."

(July 7th 10am)

"You haven’t replied so I guess it’s time I let you go. I’m sorry about everything. I’ll love you forever. Goodbye my love."

I saw my best friend last night and I was so excited. She was so great. And then I got her really beautiful friends number. Oh my god, I’m getting set up with her. She’s so perfect. Jesus Christ.

I’m so fucking sick of people. Why do you have to fucking irritate me? I’m gonna go out with my friends and shut my phone off and ignore everyone

The girl I really like got hurt while long boarding. I carried her on my back and she was in so much pain and she lost her phone and I found it and then we kissed. My heart has never raced so much in my life. She’s so beautiful. Jesus Christ. I hope she’s okay though

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