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I'm gabby, I'm a lesbian and I'm happily taken. 11/4/12

I like paramore, tegan and Sara, and my beautiful girlfriend💕

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Anonymous asked: Tumblr user vmbra-lvnaris is an extremely dangerous, manipulative person. He raped me multiple times, as well as one other that I know of. Users be wary as he begins most relationships online, often through Tumblr and OKC.



Hayley Williams at Riot Fest on 14/9/2014 - Chicago, IL
Photo Credit: Megan Thompson

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rest in peace you fucking toilet cover

Do you think Sully was caught, killed, shaved, had his fur turned into a toilet seat cover, and had his body experimented on, all because he was trying to visit Boo at the end of Monsters, Inc.?

It would explain why there was a prequel and not a sequel…

This post just ruined my life

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crazy eyes is the realest bitch. 

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Jeremy during Ignorance in Boston (x)

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